Umami Deli, T: +44 (0) 1235 766245, E: II Opening Hours: Monday- Saturday 9am-5pm, closed on Sundays


avaanddan2Hi, I’m Ava, a complete and utter foodie nerd who was finally brave enough to sell the businesses I was running up North to buy the pre-loved Umami you all already know in the market town of Wantage. My Husband Dan is also a foodie cook which works well in a business marriage as he experiments with ingredients whilst I find products for him to experiment with.

Together we have created the new Umami Deli with a new menu, skyscraper size sandwiches, a comfortable seating area for all ages and disabilities (with free wi-fi) and a range products that you should find to be both value for money and alternative to the standard supermarket lines.

Both of us have grown up to love rustic cooking styles, we come from a Persian and Turkish back ground and this has heavily influenced in the deli. We hold events  at the deli regularly turning the deli into a restaurant lit by candle light serving food influenced by the theme of the night.
We also provide the corporate world with lunch and cater for the busy home-owner that likes to entertain and enjoy their own events as we take-over all the cooking for home events. We support local businesses and charities where possible and help with events, making a food experience for school children, provide hampers and attend charity fairs supporting the community.
Come and visit us and see the new cheese and charcuterie counter or have a cosy chat with a friend over a hand-roasted coffee made by us whilst listening to a relaxing mix of Mediterranean music.
“Meet me at Umami”, the new way to socialise in Wantage.