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An Ancient Flavour

Persian cooks share recipes much like Dan shares his ancestry with Turkey – it’s just part of who we are.

Our delightful mix of sweet and slightly sour flavours created using fresh fruits found on our doorsteps is key in our food heritage.  In fact I vividly remember entering my Grandmother’s house in Tehran when  I was 14 on a cold autumn’s day and spotting a sheen of orange colour on the grass in her garden. Much to my naivety I thought it was pumpkin season like in the UK, only to find they were enormous Sharon Fruits that were too heavy to hang onto the branches any longer. Still to this day I will never forget how ripe and sweet the jelly-like segments tasted.  One of the balancing flavours in Persian cooking is poultry and game cooked in Pomegranate molasses, nothing quite blends as well with the rich flavour of ground walnuts. This paired with our aromatic saffron infused rice completes a dish fit for a king.

Persians have also always been big consumers of herbs and flowers with aroma strong enough to fill the streets of Shiraz. Basil, mint, cumin, cloves, saffron and coriander were traded along with olive all over the ancient trade routes and the use of them continues today.

If ever a “super foodie” category of human being exists Dan and I belong under it’s umbrella, if you fancy trying some Persian recipes pop in and have a chat with us and we can share some recipes with you.

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