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Eat Yourself Healthy

Festivities or not there are always an abundance of germs and viruses to make us more ill in the wet and ever-decreasing temperatures of the season! We believe we have made a winter warming menu that will help you to maintain your healthy eating routine when your out in town. 

Why We Love Veg

There are plenty of green vegetables such as sprouts, leaves and root vegetables full of nutrients such as betacarotene and Vitamin C to support the immune system. High fibre foods keep your digestive system healthy and ready to fight nasties. 

Our new Tagine dish is full of Zinc

Zinc is essential for the immune system and helps fights virus when it enters the body. It can also make you feel less drained when you have a cold and has even been researched as the mineral that can shorten the length of a common cold if taken when you first have symptoms. 

Happiness is the Secret Ingredient in our Soups

Hearty warming meals make you happier in the winter! So now you have a reason to invite friend over for lunch with our new menu creating a new  home made soup everyday.

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