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Follow nature not trends?

Some of you may have noticed that we are now a stockist of Tree vitalise Organic birch water located in our drinks fridge. We wanted to explain why as there has not been an awful lot of education around the birch water. 
Countries such as Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and more in northern Europe have been drinking birch water for it’s restorative and detoxifying properties for years. 
The birch tree has a small hole drilled into it, a small tube is inserted and the water (sap) slowly drips out and is collected into sterilised sacs. 
Birch tree contains powerful diuretic properties that help in flushing out harmful toxins, uric acid, and excess water from the body. This in turn helps in eliminating cellulite from the body and treats problems like obesity over time. It also helps in maintaining good kidney and liver health  Nowadays, birch sap/water is used across the globe and is considered to be a highly-effective detoxifying agent that targets two key organs:
• The liver (choleresis): by capturing and neutralising toxic waste products
• The kidneys (diuresis): by eliminating and filtering waste through the urinary tract.
Birch water also contains compounds called saponins, which research suggests to have powerful cholesterol-reducing properties and only averages at 18 calories per 100ml (that’s less than coconut water!)
Why TreeVitalise? Because they are an ethical company they only use 2% of the tree’s sap during harvest in March and for the rest of the season the trees are left to thrive. This is reflected in the price as there is a wild harvest only once a year in the organic forests of the Carpathian mountains. If it was any other way we would’t stock them! Try the original or an organic infusion of either mint or lemon. 

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