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Meet Pomegranates with Jamie Oliver

We love Jamie Oliver and his mission to educate people on nutritional value of many well know ingredients. Today we would like to make you think about pomegranates and help you with brilliant cooking ideas too. Enjoy!

So let’s start cooking! First of all something really easy – a super food salad, here we go:

Next let’s move to a Christmas idea which is simple, but as Jamie says ‘makes you look like you cooked for hours’;)

Now let’s get a bit more serious with a Jamie’s crispy roasted duck:

For those of you who like Latin American ideas here’s how to prepare Peruvian style pork belly with pomegranates:

Jamie’s friend Kerryann Dunlop loves to prepare tasty Turkish couscous – it’s so simple!

And finally an oldie but goodie: Jamie’s pomegranate cocktail:

We hope all those cooking ideas will inspire you to enjoy pomegranates and that you will share your favourite recipes in the comments section!

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