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Love Local? 

No not exactly as important as the general elections but definitely very important to a local independent business like ourselves. We have been nominated for the Muddy Stiletto Best Deli/Farm Shop Category but our customers but still need more nominations to ensure we make the final listing. What will the awards give us? Not money and not a gift but to be able to reach out to more locals via this magazine would help the business survive the difficult financial climate we can all see ahead of us.

What have we done so far?

We took over the existing Umami in 23rd August 2016 and since then we have been busy making the following changes:

  • Donated for 12 Charity raffles in Wantage alone
  • Helping Diabetes and Children’s Cancer charities raise money for research and development
  • Introduced Middle-Eastern themed evening meals to the deli
  • Introduced a new cold drinks range, hot food menu, added free-from allergens menu and bread
  • Reduced the price of over 60% of our artisan range permanently
  • Now using real crockery and cutlery not plastic so there is minimal impact on the environment
  • Increased seating capacity from 11 to 42
  • Increased the Cheese range to 70 varieties
  • Hosted a Spanish themed artisan cheese and charcuterie evening
  • Re-branded Umami as a company
  • Included Umami in the Kind Alfred’s School business coursework and given a talk to the pupils about how e-comerce affects local business
  • Hosted a Spanish tapas teaching session at the Deli for a local primary school
  • Increased all the staff wages above minimum wage and provided uniforms
  • Introduced a range of middle-eastern desserts into the home-made cake range
  • Provided a non-profit buffet for the Mayor’s volunteer event

If you have enjoyed your experience with us at Umami please use the link to place your votes: Click here to vote:


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