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Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Unpasteurised Cheese

Cheese contains the powerful nutritional triad of calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K2, which together channel calcium into your bones and teeth while keeping it out of your arteries; this, combined with its omega-3 fats, high quality protein and high quality saturated fats make cheese a very heart-healthy food. 
The cheese you select should be made from high-quality milk, ideally raw organic milk from grass-pastured animals that are never fed grain or soy; avoid processed “cheese foods” as they contain chemical additives. Recent concerns about the salt content of natural cheese are overblown when compared to the massive sodium levels in processed food, especially when you take into account how much processed food people typically consume. 
Did you know we stock over 70 British made cheeses? Here at Umami I couldn’t encourage you enough to support the dairy farmers and artisan cheese makers working so hard here in the UK. Check out some of our varieties on our cheese page or email us for information on creating you a bespoke board for your event

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